Dr. Emelita Peper, NPC

Primary care provider's role in my opinion should always be looking at the whole person: physical and emotional and addressing all body systems. The primary care provider focuses on preventive care and educating patient on healthy lifestyle choices. identifying and treating acute and chronic medical conditions, and providing referrals to specialist as the needs arise. I'm a health care professional, a Nurse Practitioner. Prior to being an NP I was a Registered Nurse for 8 years started at a Nursing Rehab then moved to a hospital setting. Being in healthcare brings a lot of mental and physical stress.

I am a wife and mother of three children. On my spare time, I like to play with kids, walk in a neighborhood, dance hula hoop, watch movies and gardening. I read books as well on the weekends.

Circle Medical, an all-encompassing primary healthcare center, boasts a network of over 350 certified professionals available across 26 states. Renowned for our proficient and approachable team, we pride ourselves on accommodating most PPO insurance and Medicare, without any membership fees. Our hallmark is the convenience of scheduling same or next-day appointments through our acclaimed 4.8/5-star app, facilitating remote consultations from any location. With three existing clinic sites and imminent expansions, we aim to further simplify access to care.

At Circle Medical, we prioritize providing a secure environment for everyone seeking top-tier, research-backed medical services. Our range of expertise spans from Annual Wellness Exams to specialized care such as Sleep Apnea treatment, Gender-Affirming procedures, Mental Healthcare, ADHD diagnosis, and beyond. Schedule your appointment with us today and experience exceptional healthcare firsthand.
Nurse Practitioner
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